Need to Ace the MS 70-410?

Here are practice tests, questions, and answers so you'll be an expert at Windows Server 2012 going into the exam.
This should be your first buy as it covers exactly what you’ll need to know on the test. However, we don’t feel it is complete and so we’re recommending you get a companion book that covers 70-411 and 7-412 as well. We feel the combination will have you prepared for anything the exam can throw at you. Click here to grab it from Amazon.
As promised, here’s the Complete Study guide for Windows Server 2012, covering 3 exams. It’s a pleasant read and while it claims to cover all of the exam material, be wary or relying on this 100%. It’s best when paired with the above. it’s also on Amazon here.
And even more practice exams!
Next, make your way over to the 70-410 section of Udemy here. You’ll find prep for the exam, extra sample questions and tests, and courses. Generally, there are some gems here, but it can be hit or miss, so we like to use it as a supplement to full study outside the Udemy platform.