Need to Ace the the IBM Db2 Cert?

Here are practice tests, questions, and answers so you can master database programming and adminstration before the exam.
This lays a very solid foundation and is a good first read. It’s available either as a paperback or on Kindle. Click here to grab it from Amazon.

However, we wouldn’t suggest you rely entirely on this book, as it’s an entry, but needs rounding out by other material. See below.
Next, get the ‘DB2 11 for z/OS Database Administration’. This one provides a slightly different view of the material, hitting on all major topics covered in the exam. It’s an intense overview of DB2 11 for z/OS and gives additional sample questions and practice. it’s also on Amazon here.
It can be tough time find good practice exams for the exact cert you’re going for without spending a pretty penny on somewhat shady online services. There are a couple approaches you can take instead. We’ll link a couple here and you can use these as a jumping off point (look through the authors other works or the recommendations on Amazon) to see if you can find one for your exact test. Or, if you can sometimes use the practice questions for related tests to simulate the testing environment, establish your basics, or round out educations. Here’s on for the C2090-320. Get it on Amazon.
As promised above, here’s another one in the series for the C2090-616¬†on Amazon here.
What if I'm taking a different test? Where can I find other resources?
Whether it’s the C2030-283, C2090-540, or any other in the IBM series, there will be some combination of direct resources or overlap with other material. So, as we said above, the first place we’d look is Amazon using the links we gave as a shortcut/jumping off point to find related exam materials. Next, see if Pearson has any that apply to the cert you’re targeting. Last, you can take a look Udemy for other video courses, practice tests, lectures, etc. The quality is hit or miss, but you can find some gems.