Need to Ace the CISM?

Here are practice tests, questions, and answers so you can become a Certified Information Security Manager.
While there are a few guides available on Amazon, most aren’t worth your time and you’ll see the reviews back that up. This one, however, is very solid and we recommend you snag it, as it’s helpful and affordably price. Grab it on Amazon here.
Now, how about an incredible video course?
Update 2019: It’s come to our attention that the Pearson video course for CISM that we had linked to here is no longer available, at least for the moment. We’re going to keep it up in case they ‘restock’ it and to keep Pearson on your radar for test prep.

There’s a less extensive (but also much cheaper!) video course that runs about 3.5 hours and covers CISM material up to the next planned update in 2022. Here it is.
And even more CISM material at Udemy!
In addition to the video course above, we recommend looking at Udemy to see what’s there. It seems like instructors and courses bounce on and off, but you can sometimes find good practice material. Check out their CISM section here.