Need to Ace the 200-120 CCNA?

Here are practice tests, questions, and answers so you can become a Cisco Certified Network Associate.
This is the official Cisco line of cert guides. They are well-structured and cover the material very well. They’re a good starting point, but we tend to find the official guides to lack some guidance that comes out of materials created by other test takers/instructors, so supplement from below. Click here to grab it from Amazon.
Next, get the ‘CCNA Routing and Switching Complete Study Guide’. There are some assumptions made about your knowledge going in, so we like this one paired with the official Cisco material. It’s easy to bundle, though, since it’s also on Amazon here.
Don’t let the 90s-inspired graphic design fool you, this has a lot of solid content. And we mean solid. It can be a very dense read, but the information is packed tight and you’ll learn a lot. This is a good resource to go above and beyond the two resources above. As it says on the cover, if you’re looking to ‘master’ the CCNA, this will help get you to that goal. Get it on Amazon.
Last, but not least, this is a good resource to augment those of you who may need a refresher or walkthrough of the beginner and intermediate concepts that all of the above resources take for granted. If you’re switching/switched careers, for example, this would be a good book to round out what you’ll master in the others. Keeping it easy, here’s a copy on Amazon here.
Now, how about an incredible video course?
Pearson has a video course, if you’re a more visual learner, that is more affordable than private study or classes ($399). It’s available here.
And even more practice exams!
Next, make your way over to the CCNA section of Udemy here. Plenty of bootcamps, additional videos, and practice exams for a very affordable price.